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What Type of Services Does Interior Motives Provide??

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So many of you guys have asked us "What type of services does Interior Motives Provide? Well here you go...

Interior Design-Whether you just purchased a new home or want to update your existing one; Interior Motives is the interior Design firm you want on your team. Maybe your new business needs a competitive edge or its time to revamp your current office, waiting room, or receptionist areas to provide your customers with a more pleasing environment. We provide functional design solutions with your style, budget, and lifestyle in mind. We work with you to create the space of your dreams that functions well and looks beautiful.
Project Management-Planning a renovation or addition to your home or office and need some guidance in choosing Builders, Contractors, Tradesmen, or just plain guidance throughout the process; Interior Motives can assist you in your project large or small to prevent costly oversights and mistakes and also help you know the full spectrum of options available to you. We work with your Contractors on your behalf bringing our knowledge and experience to provide you with an advocate to achieve your goals.
Furniture Sales- Need new furniture for your home or business. Tired of seeing the same things in all of the large box stores. Well Interior Motives has the cure for ordinary. We have access to 1,000s of products from indoor and outdoor furniture, commercial and residential grade products, and we also provide custom furniture options for the client who needs exactly the correct piece. We have a furniture showroom located in Charlotte NC or you can visit our online furniture store at www.interiormotivesfurniture.com and we ship right to your door anywhere in the US.
Reupholstery -Do you have furniture pieces you love however they are damaged, worn, or just outdated. Well Interior Motives can save the day. We offer a full scale reupholstery platform where you can change the furniture’s wood color or stain, the fabrics, and even the cushions and pillows can be revived to make your favorite piece better than ever.
Storage and Closet Organization Systems- With the busy day to day of life most of us are challenged with time to keep our lives neat and organized. Well fret no longer. We offer full service organizational design services. Whether you need to get your Closet in order, Maximize the space in your pantry, declutter the garage, or add shelving systems in your office or business we have an organized solution for you. We can come out on site and measure your space and provide you with design alternatives that fit your needs and budget.
Kitchen and Bath Design-We all know that the kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and bathrooms are just as necessary. When we are looking at homes or attempting to sale one we must be aware how important these rooms are . They are used every day and its important that they are current and up to to date. Kitchen and Bath remodels are also the most expensive renovations and its important to get all the details correct. Interior Motives has several years of experience in making kitchens and baths functional and beautiful. Also we can provide you with our industry insight that can help to keep the cost more manageable .
Landscape Design-The importance of landscaping is often overlooked or left on the back burner. Landscaping has several advantages form irrigation and drainage, beautification of your home or business, maximizing outdoor spaces appeal, and even can be used to provide privacy and hide unsightly utilities etc. Interior Motives has several landscaping ideas to give your outdoor space that much needed TLC.
Wallpaper Sales and installation- Im not sure if you have received the memo however wall coverings are back. From bold geometric patterns to cork and bamboo products it all can be applied to the walls or ceiling to make them visually stunning. Add texture and depth to your home or business with results that will surely please your customers or guest. Wall coverings are easily applied and in most cases it only takes a day to install. You can achieve amazing results quickly and the new wall coverings are very easy to strip without causing harsh damages to the wall. We can assist you in choosing that perfect material to accent your walls and even provide a quality installer to do the job.
Paint Color Consultations-
“There is so many paint colors I don’t know which one to choose.” I have heard this phrase so often that I decided to come to the rescue for those in need. Sometimes you just need help choosing the correct paint colors and knowing which walls they should be applied to. That is exactly where Interior Motives steps in. We have a keen eye for color and are up to date on current paint trends and techniques. Whether your are building a new home and need to provide a list of colors to the builder or if you need to know what colors will make your office space feel more energetic and focused we can lend a helping hand.
Business Design Consulting-Does your business need an image that lends itself to who you are and what you represent? Do you feel you need better flow in order to be more productive or provide your customers with a better experience? Interior Motives is the answer. We can assist you with putting your best foot forward in how your customers perceive your business and how it makes your employees feel. Never underestimate the power of ambiance. It makes a first impression among your customers and sets their expectation of your services.
Holiday Decorating, Gift Wrapping, and Event Decor-
For those moments when you need to add a special touch we are known as the ‘magic makers.’ We can assist you in creating your wildest dreams for a special event, birthday, office party, or celebration. We also provide holiday decor from sprucing up your front office to turning your home into a winter wonderland. Do you have a very special gift and you want it to be over the top. Interior Motives offers gift wrapping services that are just as creative as the designs ideas we create.

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