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Located in Charlotte, NC, Interior Motives Furniture offers a wide variety of both classic and contemporary furniture pieces that are ideal for either homes or commercial settings.

Your home or office décor says a lot about you. You want your guests or clients to notice what you have on display and what you’ve chosen to decorate your space, both for comfort and aesthetic appeal. We feature the finest:


Find the Right Furniture For Your Space

If you need to decorate your workspace or home, you don’t want the ordinary or the mundane. You’ll want pieces that draw the eye and stimulate conversation. That’s true whether you’re having a business meeting to entertain new prospective clients or you’ve invited some friends and neighbors over for cocktails or a formal dinner party.

Interior Motives Furniture features an ever-expanding collection personally curated by our Chief Operator, Will Smith. Will is well known for his pitch-perfect style and taste, whether you want an understated, classic look for your home or business or you feel like it’s time for a more expansive update.

What Does Interior Motives Furniture Offer That Other Furniture Stores Don’t?

We’re proud to offer an enormous array of high-end furniture, art, and fixture options that you won’t find anywhere else. You get longevity with each piece because they’re made of superior materials, and we can also work with you regardless of your monetary constraints.

We can find you affordable options if you’re working with a tight budget, or we can show you some more lavish pieces that will make your home or business more appealing than ever before. Our furniture and accessories are attractive and unique, and we can help you select just the right ones based on your description of what ambiance you envision for the space in question.

Let Will Smith’s dazzling collection of accessories, fixtures, and furniture transform your workspace or home. For over twenty years, we’ve served the Charlotte community, and we also ship to a myriad of locations around the US and Canada. For more information, contact us at 704-523-0935.