3 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

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While many of us would like to have a large room to fit all kinds of furniture in, and then some, not everyone is lucky enough to have a huge bedroom. If you like living within city limits, you will usually have to suffice for an average-sized bedroom that will fit only a handful of your furniture. So the question here is, how can you make your room look bigger without spending a fortune and literally tearing the walls down to expand it? Read on to follow some simple tricks that will make your room look bigger in no time, with minimal cost.

1.) Use Angles to Your Advantage

Most people assume that pushing furniture up against the wall will make a room look larger since there is more space to walk around in the middle. This however doesn’t always hold true since furniture set against the wall can actually make you feel claustrophobic at times because there isn’t much open wall space. Therefore, leave a couple of inches of space between the wall and furniture. Then, try to angle furniture so that you utilize more middle space, yet position the furniture in such a way that it is in front or behind different pieces. For example, try to fit a skinny console behind a sofa or bed. If you create pockets of space in your room, it will appear larger than it really is.

2.) Use the Right Paint Color

You cannot ignore the fact that the type and amount of furniture you place in a room will eventually decide how large or small it looks. However, the color of your walls can also make a large difference in how you and others perceive the size of your room. While dark colors may look chic and provide sophistication, they also make most rooms look smaller. That’s why it’s best to opt for lighter colors such as cream, white, and blue to keep the space looking open and airy. Nine out of ten times lighter color walls will make your room look bigger.

3.) Get Furniture That Serves More than One Purpose

With the wide variety of furniture available, there’s absolutely no reason that you buy pieces that have solely one purpose. Instead, you can get furniture that has multiple functions, so that way, you conserve space and get to use its full functionality. Ottomans for example are great pieces to have in a small room because they not only provide storage space, but can also be used either as a seat or small table. You can even purchase coffee tables in which items can be stored. So think smart when buying furniture because the last thing you want is to buy too much and not be able to fit it in the room or make the room look overly cramped.

Keeping these tips in mind will not only help make your room look bigger, but it will give it some style and a better ambience. Less is more these days when it comes to style, so make each piece of furniture in your room count.

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