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Holiday Issue: 7 Helpful Tips

Posted by Will Smith on

Interior design is a field that has many forms, however holiday decorating is one that is truly uniqe in that it can be made to compliment your existing decor or just make your place transfrom into a dream land.  Whether you are a huge holiday decorator or a 'let's just put a wreath on the door' type family here is a few easy tips and tricks to get you through the season.  1. If and when selecting a tree be mindful of where you would like it to go.  Measure the space and make sure the ceilings are tall enough and the space is wide enough so that the results do not look too large or dwarfed by your space.  2.  When choosing a tree think Artificial or Real.  This can be easily decided by asking yourself these questions:  Do I prefer the smell of a real tree and will I be able to properly water it while it is displayed in the home ? OR  Do I prefer the value and ease of an artificial tree which can be used year after year, in most cases come pre lit, and can be simply stored away in the attic or shed.  It really all about prefrence here.  3.  If you feel your holiday decor looks TACKY it probably does.  Do not feel forced to decorate if you really can't do it. There are several professional services that can assit your with decorating and also use images from magazines and the internet to gather ideas on your space.  4. Less is less and more is more.  If you are going to go over the top then have fun with it.  Get the entire family involved so everyone can have there special thing or just make your personal winter wonderland everything you could have ever imagined.  5. When decorating on the interior be sure to choose colors that complement your current decor for a more professional look.  6.  When decorating the exterior of your home be sure to add accent lighting since most decor is unseen in the dark.  7. Most importantly have fun people.  It's holiday decoration and after about 15-20 days it will all go away until next year!!!  Happy Holidays all and May your New Year be Brighter than you could have EVER IMAGINED….

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