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Home Improvements: Where do I begin?

Posted by Will Smith on

When trying to determine which home projects you should tackle first here are a few things to consider. 

1.  Do I have any projects that are potentially dangerous or unsafe for my guest and family? 

  If so they should be moved to the top of the priority list.  Whether it is a loose shutter that hangs above the front door or faulty wiring, you should address issues that could be potentially dangerous or fatal. Consider these items first priority and then work on getting estimates to have them repaired or educate yourself on how to address the situation.   

2.  Am I able to complete the task myself or do I need to hire a professional?

 As we all know we all have different skill sets and physical abilities.  When deciding to hire someone consider whether or not it is something you are capable of doing yourself.  If you are unable to do the project then find professionals through cold calls, referrals, or internet advisory sites.  As a homeowner, it is essential to have a home improvement guy or handyman that can assist you with your issues so building your network of professionals is key.  You can always contact us here at Interior Motives if you need referrals for someone who can assist with your needs. 

3.  How much does the project cost that I want to do?  

This question arises often as the bottom line for most people is budget.  "Can I afford the project?" is not a valid reason for not completing something which needs to be done if you have no idea of the cost.  You can take photos or videos and carry them to your local home improvement store and they could possibly advise you on the materials that will be needed and you can then begin pricing out what the cost of the items will be.  You can then determine if you are comfortable completing the project or if you feel you need additional assistance.  If assistance is needed call 2-3 specialist and get quotes for them to complete your project.  Once you have this information you can determine if your budget will allow you to complete the project with the help of a professional or if you need to find alternate financing or "Do it yourself" which is sometimes the most cost-effective.   

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