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5 Pieces To Make Your Barbecue a Huge Hit

Posted by Shekeyse Jones on

This post is for those of us who take advantage of the beautiful weather by spending the time we do have, outdoors. We're all wanting to invite our friends and family to enjoy a great meal, conversation, and music. This season we wanted to tell you about outdoor furniture pieces that we think will be a big hit at your next barbecue and outdoor business gatherings.

Businesses that have outdoor areas should have an outdoor space that is beautiful and that meets their company's needs. Generate more revenue for your company by providing your patrons with a great outdoor area. With social media being such a huge component of marketing, you could ask your clients to take photos, check-in, and hashtag your company as they are in your outdoor area. This is a great opportunity to publicize and attract more clients to your business. Take a look below at the furniture options we've provided for your home and business.  

Let's Enjoy Conversation: The Curveball Outdoor Modern Bench has a modern appeal and its curved frame makes it perfect for conversation because it allows you to sit in close proximity to one another making it easier to connect. Barbecues can be a bit noisy, so curved shaped pieces allow you to hear the person that is joining you on the bench. This piece comes in a number of solid colors to give you creative range to add personal touches ie outdoor pillows. If you're going for a modern themed outdoor area, remember less is more, decorate using solid colors and fewer patterns.  

Let's Gather at the Table: The best part of barbecues is the food! Some of us have the food, but not a comfortable place to enjoy it. How many times have we tried to enjoy our meal on hard outdoor furniture that's filled with splinters? It not enjoyable at all. This is why the Evan 11 Piece Outdoor Patio Set is so important to have at your next barbecue. You'll want to sit and enjoy meals and conversation longer because the chairs come with cushions for a better comfort level for your back and bottom. Its cushions are made of Sunbrella fabric which is an outdoor fabric that's durable and can handle the outdoor elements. We also selected the Evan to be apart of this list because ten people can gather around for a meal comfortably. 

Let's Roast Marshmallows by the Fire: We chose the Square Fire Pit because it's square shape adds for a modern twist. The benefits that a firepit is that it can give to your outdoor area a great look. The twinkling of a fire burning in your backyard provides you with great appeal. As the day turns into a chilly night, you'll need the heat from the fire pit to warm your guests as they enjoy a night outdoors. Depending on how large your outdoor space is, you could use a number of firepits for more people to gather around them as they bond and socialize. 

Let's Gain  Solitude  While at barbecues, sometimes sitting by yourself and watching the crowd interact can be just as much fun as joining them.  We wanted to provide the Mineral Spring Outdoor Patio Swing Lounge for introverts to enjoy the barbecue. This swing lounge is fun and playful, and it provides the solitude and comfort you need to enjoy the outdoors.

 Let's Quickly Add Pops of Color:  The Square Planter is made up of clean lines and a gold finish that give it an appealing look. Plants give you the creativity to add natural color to your outdoor spaces. Also, if you're wanting to plant outdoors but don't have space or the ground in your area isn't conducive to planting try our planter option. This is called container gardening which is ideal for mobility. You have the advantage to move your garden anywhere you like and easily change out the plants to fit your decor you want. Add plants with the same color as your barbecue's theme for a great look then easily change it out for other plants once the event is over. This planter gives you versatility and a modern look outdoors.

We know after reading this post, you have tons of ideas on how to make your next barbecue or business outdoor area one to remember. We would love to see how you used our ideas in your outdoor area! Post your comments below and email us at interiormotivesws@yahoo.com with photos and we will post them on our Instagram page!  

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