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July/August Blog: Furniture and buying trends

Posted by Will Smith on

With our rapidly changing environment and technology making our lives more digitized where does that leave furniture?  The furniture industry is ever changing with trends, styles, and colors however the process of shopping for furniture has remained the same.  With one exception that is, The Internet,  More people are buying furniture and households goods online than ever before however how do you know if you are shopping with an honest and trusted vendor? Are you sure the color you are seeing on the screen is really the color of the product?,  How much will it cost for you to return it if you do not like it? and most importantly... How does it feel?  

As a brick and mortar retailer and an online retailer, we understand your frustration and concerns. To see it from a retailers standpoint we would love you to come into our stores and sit and touch an feel however many peoples busy schedules do not allow for that. So what happens in many cases is you order something online that "looks Comfortable" with hopes that it will be.  Of course, you can only carry so many items in one space as a retailer so everything would not be available that you could find online so you are limited by selection. When the brick and mortar store is also an internet retailer you stand a better chance of being able to achieve both the variety of online shopping mixed with the knowledge of the retailers' products through years of experience. 


Internet shopping gets a little more tricky.  When selling online you don't have to have a physical location that is open to the public.  You can order an item from Anywhere USA and it ships to you from Anywhere USA and who knows whether it is handled with care.  If it arrives and is undamaged and suits your needs great, but if it is not and you have to return it this is where it can get a little tricky.  Most time you will have some fees associated with returning an online item and the effort it will take to repackage and schedule return shipping. 


Interior Motives has done our best to gel this process for our customers.  We have personally seen or tested the quality and comfort level of all of the items on our site and can provide insight into each and every product.  We can also ship items with a carrier we can trust and can rely on. We make the online buying process easier if you choose that route. 

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