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3 Tips for Decorating an Ordinary Hallway

Posted by Shekeyse Jones on

When thinking about decorating your home or office space we have design ideas and plans of how we would like our living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms to look, but we have overlooked our hallways. The hallway is normally a small space, but it is just as important as the other areas in the home or office. It is the "appetizer before the entree," meaning this space should leave an impression on you that desires more. In many homes and businesses it's the first space to encounter before getting to the beloved living room, kitchen,or bedroom.

So, how do we take an ordinary hallway and give it a makeover it deserves without spending a large amount of our money on a small area, but still making it look like a million dollar space? Continue reading for tips on how to shift gears to take your hallway from ordinary to extraordinary. 

1. Wallpaper 

Wallpaper opens your space to a wide range of styles that paint cannot compare to. For example, selecting a wallpaper with angles creates movement on your walls. We've designed spaces that are shown here, that gives you an idea of how impactful wallpaper can be.  Try telling a story along the walls with wallpaper that has words and images printed. Add wallpaper with texture, for instance, grasscloth, velvet, vinyl, or cork to provide a stately feel in the hallway. With a wide variety of patterns, textures, and styles there's no reason to leave your walls bare. 

2. Ceiling Tiles & 3D Wall Decor 

Have you noticed in homes and business offices that the ceilings look the same? Here's where you begin to think like an interior designer. We think about all aspects of the space, leaving nothing untouched. Ceilings are one the of the most forgotten aspects of the home/office. The ceilings in the hallway are a perfect place to add a surprising design touch.  Try using ceiling tiles, wallpaper, or even wood slats to creat a unique hallway ceiling.  Three-dimensional wall decor is also a great option for a wow factor. It's always refreshing to see something that projects out from the wall for an added sense of depth.  Try 3d art that can be ceiling mounted or even used in a unique way on your walls to add flare.   Modern accessories give your guests a great surprise when approaching the hallway. We've designed walls with men climbing the walls, color wall spheres, and fish

3. Lighting

Lighting is not only functional, but it's a fun and impressive approach that you can try in the hallway.  Try using lights that cast shadows on the walls to give them a unique style or even lighting with unique shapes to make the hallway more interesting.  Lighting options like the items shown here would take your space to an upscale and polished aesthetic. Wall sconces are a great option for lighting long hallways. They provide light at every step of the way. Mounted ceiling light options are also great as well. They provide a focal point for the ceiling. 

Keeping our tips in mind, when decorating your hallway will definitely give your space an unforgettable look. 


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