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Wall Decor Fever

Posted by Shekeyse Jones on

One thing Interior Motives is obsessed with is pushing the envelope! We love to go where no designer has ever gone before in interior design. We are the "game changers" in the interior design industry. To push your  wall decor to the next level, try using 3D like  faux taxidermy.  

With the right design execution, faux taxidermy would look great in almost any space. This wall decor piece will push the envelop. Check out our online store for great faux taxidermy such as the  Gold Antler Wall SculptureMetallic Elephant Wall Decor, and the Peculiar Rhino Wall Decor Glossy WhiteThese pieces are so bold and unique that any room that's adorned with them will look gorgeous. They create visual interest, fill the negative space on  your walls, and they can add to almost any color palate.  


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