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Interior Motives Summer Edition

Posted by Will Smith on

Hello Everyone and we hope you are enjoying your summer. Soon the high temperatures will be behind us and we will begin our annual migration indoors. It is a great time to start prepping for cooler weather and relaxing indoors. It's time for a comfy sofa, a nice warm throw, a cozy accent chair, or new lighting to change the perspective of the place. Whether you need a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, or if you just need to add some new wallpaper to your dining room or to accent your ceiling like the design we done above. Interior Motives has it covered. Interior Motives provides full-service home and renovation services. Check out some of our design projects above and below and remember we also have several new and unique items in the showroom and also online at interiormotivesfurniture.com. 3607 Scott Futrell Dr, Charlotte NC 28208.

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