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Fall is approaching!! September 2019

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Dear Interior Motives Fans,
The Fall Season is fast approaching and so many of us have yet to address our home to-do list!!  With the holidays just a few months away it is time for us to think about getting our to-do list done! Some of the top fall renovation projects include:

Exterior improvements: Does your home need a new coat of paint, shutters repaired, or just a good pressure washing? If you see peeling, sun damage or chipping, the answer is probably "yes."  Homes with new paint jobs tend to sell for at least 10 percent more on the open market. 
Replace the windows: This doesn't offer the same ROI as some other projects, but it's very useful if you plan on staying in the home. The fact is that window replacement can make marked improvements in your home's utility bills by keeping cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. 
Painting the front door: Here's a simple and easy way to ensure that your home's curb appeal stays high. The front door is one detail that no potential homebuyer is going to miss. Applying a new coat of paint is relatively easy and inexpensive-and it's sure to pay off when you sell the home or for curb appeal. The fall is the perfect time to do it because of the cooler temperatures and holiday visitors.
Updating Guestrooms, Bathrooms, and Living spaces:  Most furniture purchases are made in the Fall season.  We tend to be creatures of comfort and we spend a lot more time indoors during the cooler season. If you have to be indoors make the space great for you and your family and friends to enjoy.  Simply adding accent chairs, artwork, wallpaper, or home decor items can spruce up any space. 

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