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Wall Decor

Our Wall Décor Options Can Improve Any Commercial Property or Living Space

Are you ready to consider some exciting new modern and contemporary wall décor? If so, Interior Motives Furniture by Will Smith is your best option.


The style and taste of the inimitable Will Smith isn’t something you’ll find anywhere but in our curated collection. That’s true for couches, beds, and sectionals, but we also feature an enormous variety of wall décor pieces that are both unique and provocative. If you want something more traditional, though, we have you covered there as well.


Will Smith, the store’s Chief Operator, is constantly looking for new pieces to enhance or accentuate either your living space or commercial location. Among our current collection, you will find:


  • Metal Wall Art
  • Glass Wall Art
  • Mirrored Pieces
  • Hanging Wall Pieces Featuring Humanoid Figures and Animals
  • Abstract Pieces to Stimulate Conversation   


Interior Motives Furniture is a company that prides itself on providing the pieces you need to start a conversation. Perhaps you feel like your home needs a couple of centerpieces that will transform and modernize the entire feel of the place. It could be that you've neglected to update your workspace for decades, and now you feel ready to showcase an entirely new personality.


The right wall hanging should make you feel differently about your space, and your guests or clients will notice it as well. We’re eager to assist you in achieving your design goals. That might mean tweaking a room or bringing in an entire gallery of thought-provoking artwork that should garner rave reviews from all who see it.


We are based in Charlotte and serve the community, but we’re also happy to ship wall hangings and other accessories anywhere in the United States or Canada. Let Interior Motives Furniture dazzle you with our expansive, professionally selected collection. Call us at 704-523-0935 to get started.