Bahama Column Candle & Vase

  • $ 329.00

The Bahama Column Candle and Vase has a  sleek design that is forged of # 201-grade stainless steel and features a weighted base. Some oxidation may occur on the surface but can easily be maintained. Steel is not marine grade so extra oxidation in salty climates is to be expected.

The candle is intended for outdoor use only. Remove the candle top and the column transforms into a chic urban hollow vase. If needed, weight the inside with sand to give extra stability. 

Finish: Polished Stainless Steel 


Small: 42H x 8.5OW x 4.5OP

Medium: 52H x 9OW x 4.5OP

Large: 58H x 9.5OW x 4.75OP

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